Common Issues Caused By Botched Patch KB 2859537

MS13-063 is a Windows Kernel update, and is said to resolve the physical vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows. There have been many issues regarding the botched patch KB 2859537, and Microsoft has been trying hard to overcome this problem. The source of this problem can be traced down if a blue screen appears, after installing the patch. The problems that have been reported include those with Avast, Final Fantasy, and Defiance, and involve the developers who are working on the kernel in unexpected ways.

A few days ago, Microsoft published a Known Issues paragraph in the KB 2859537 and it stated as follows, “Some users may experience issues with the certain programs after they install security update 22859537. In some cases the programs may not successfully start. We are also aware of limited reports that certain users may encounter difficulties restarting their computers after applying this security update. Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available.”

As soon as this issue cropped up, users and developers contacted Microsoft help to find a solution. Apart from these usual ones, some more complicated issues were there too, and the developers had a hard time fixing these. For example, there were issues with the small game developers over this error. However, Avast has come up with an update to run the Rift game after authentication, by installing the latest patch, the lack of which was a common issue earlier. According to Jurgen Timmerman of Microsoft, the following problems have been reported on the Microsoft’s Answers forum:

BSOD with the same 05 error code

Windows profile
Application error while opening, or the application not starting at all.
Rift/Final Fantasy/Defiance does not work anymore
Not all control panel functionalities work.
IE/ Chrome or Firefox does not want to start to update.
Windows profile gone corrupt.
Unable to install applications or start the machine.

Although the Microsoft help chat support clarified many issues to the users, the number of problems seemed to get bigger. A user claimed that the blue screen, which appears due to the error, is mainly caused by rootkits which were undetected previously. Later on, it revealed that there were two rootkits viz. BackBoot.gen and Cidox.b, which were responsible for the blue screen. Hence, after deleting the files, he was able to start his system successfully.